You guys are always telling me how much you like the DVD commentaries and since each one of you is my boss...here ya go! Listen to me, guests and other versions of me comment, wax poetic and generally cause mischief while watching some of the best anime episodes out there. Download the mp3 for Episode 1 and sync it  to episode 1 of Yu Yu Hakusho!  If you like it, click on the Patrons tab above and see how you can help.  :)

Dubtrax Episode 1 - Yu Yu Hakusho Episode 1 with special guests Kululu, Hiei  ...next week special guest Aaron Roberts.

Dubtrax Episode 2 - Soul Eater Episode 1 with special guests Austria, Stein and      Aaron Roberts...    Rob McCollum  stops by in this episode but next week takes us through Attack on Titan episode 1

Dubtrax Episode 3 - AoT Episode 1 with special guests Rob McCollum... and Juliette Hüber.  :)  


The ideas in GameChurch:

1. The life you are living may be a game with discernible playing strategies, character classes, abilities, skills and saving throws. GameChurch is an open source forum to create life's Character Sheet. 

2.  The RM (Realm Master) might be you, someone else, something else or all of the above. Meditating on this brings understanding.

3. There is magic in this realm. Love is the greatest magic of all.

4. We openly look for evidence of all these things in science, culture, history and inside yourself.

 5. GameChurch is a meta-church.  All other religions function within it.  

Every week we will talk about a different aspect of reality, update our character sheets, keep up with the latest science and share ideas about how to become a better player.  It's the Minecraft of churches.  It's open source faith. It's fun to play and think and create. 

GameChurch Ep 1 - Our first episode introduces the ideas of GameChurch and gets you started Creating Your Character. Also, we talk about magic words! It should be ready soon but for now you can listen to this placeholder.




                                        See you at the next con!

Games are electric.  Life is electric.  Zzzap!

Games are electric.  Life is electric.  Zzzap!

Words are magic...good and bad.

Words are magic...good and bad.